AeroSpace, Technology Research and Operations (ASTRO) CenterA

The Mission of the ASTRO Center is to advance the state-of-the-art in AeroSpace, Technology Research and Operations by developing new technologies, building collaborations between academia, industry, and government, and engaging with students to stimulate STEM education.

The ASTRO Center has assembled a unique combination of staff, facilities and alliances to provide clients with state of the art research and program support. ASTRO Center leverages its close association with Texas A&M University College of Engineering faculty and students, and other collaborating engineering agencies to execute a variety of complex projects of significant interest to the space community.

The ASTRO Center is also committed to providing extensive outreach opportunities in the STEM field to undergraduate college students and levels K through 12 in the State of Texas.

  • Director: Gregory Chamitoff
  • Space Co-Director: Daniele Mortari
  • Near-Space Co-Director: Sharath Girimaji
Bringing AeroSpace Technology, Research and Operations together at Texas A&M University.

Space Research

From space proximity operations to debris removal and autonomous navigation, ASTRO houses many kinds of space research.

Theoretical and Experimental

docking platform performing proximity operations near a tumbling rocket nozzle (white)

Docking platform performing proximity operations near a tumbling rocket nozzle (white)

Near-Space Research

Rarefied gas dynamics, hypersonic flows, boundary layer transition at high speeds, among others.

Substantial laboratory space


STEM Outreach

Educational outreach is a priority for the ASTRO Center. Every semester a variety of robotics, aerospace and related events are supported by its members.

Student organizations

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